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It is with a heavy heart and everyone's best interests in mind that we must announce Waln Collision is CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC, effective immediately, until Monday, November 30th, due to COVID exposures. We apologize for any inconveniences, and hope you and yours are able to stay well. Thank you!

Waln Repair & Collision Center

Safe Winter Driving Tips

Winter driving can be stressful, but you can avoid white knuckle driving by following some safe winter driving tips. We put guidelines tips together to help you and your family get to your destination this winter with less stress and more ease. When you plan and prepare, drive defensively, and know what to do if […]

Hail Damage

It is highly unfortunate, but hail damage is not out of the ordinary. Weather is actually one of the most common causes of auto damages, alongside auto collisions and fender benders. Hail damage is so common that some people do not even realize they have it until they come in for a collision estimate.  It’s […]

Selecting a Body Shop

As a result of natural occurrences such as storms, rust, and corrosion, harsh sunlight, or unexpected events like automobile accidents, your car can be damaged; it’s important to find a collision repair and refinishing facility that will get your car back to top shape and have you back on the road safely and efficiently. The […]